Indiana food banks work hard to feed Indy’s less fortunate. They are often in need of donations & assistance to reach their goals. We encourage you to help those in need however you can, and a simple way to do so is to donate to a local food bank with a few quick steps that won’t cost you a dime!

  1. Clean out your pantry. Donate from your abundance.
  2. Shop smart, use coupons and restock for less.
  3. Watch for free after coupon deals your family doesn’t need.
  4. Donate even more of your abundance!
With smart shopping strategies, your own grocery budget will decrease while your pantry stockpile will increase. Through this savings & abundance, you’ll be able to give without sacrificing heavily for you and your family. We can’t feed the world, but with your help we can start in our own backyard. Food banks are in need of non-perishable items, and our free grocery lists will highlight key items each week, including nutrition packed foods and constantly needed items, such as:

In addition to our tips for giving inexpensively, we also provide money saving ideas, free grocery lists, weekly coupon lists and several ways to print free coupons.